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Lancia Phedra (09/02->)

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Chip tuning for lorries

TUNINGFILES-BG an expert in modifying the ECU to performances and fuel saving .

Possible personal tuning.

Tuning fails rewritten software ekuto of commercial vehicles and will begin

more power very smoothly, as an additional benefit and fuel economy.

If your model unseen vehicles on our website , do not worry , please contact us for

your custom requirements.

Why do chip tuning to you ?

For commercial vehicles means

much – better handling

more – easy hill climbing ,

faster acceleration – safe overtaking highway -

More torque

more – fuel economy

Gains between

25 – 30% increase in power output ,

40-80 % increase in torque and

8-15 % reduction in fuel gorivo.

After chip tuning vehicle

We can tune almost all vehicles that have ECU and most of them can be

modified through the diagnostic socket .

This means that there is no physical sign that the vehicle has been changed and the dealer is unable to detect it

when the vehicle is serviced and your warranty remains .

Speed ​​restrictions , if a person in the ECU can also be eliminated wish.

Tuning is our entire CUSTOM , taking into account your requirements. After modification we

reserve your information and data from the ECU in our library.

TUNINGTILES-BG  software comes with a lifetime warranty on the software.