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Chip Tuning

Chip tuning is software modification of a car’s control unit to achieve an increase in the engine’s power. It is re-programming of the electronic memory block with a serial programme. Chip tuning adjusts optimally injection characteristics, the air/fuel ratio, ignition and utilization of high-quality fuel. For turbo-charged engines, the filling pressure of the turbo blower is also increased by chip tuning. All modifications related to chip tuning consist exclusively in modifying the control unit’s software. No mechanical intervention in the engine is carried out. The results of chip tuning are not subjective, but they can be evaluated very well.

Chip tuning advantages

  • Power increase by circa 6 – 11% and torque increase by circa 10 – 14% for atmospheric spark ignition enginesorů
  • Power and torque increase by 20 – 35% for supercharged engines – lifting the pressure of the supercharger
  • Torque increase with considerably better characteristic in low and medium speed range
  • Retain or decrease fuel consumption by 8 – 18%
  • Retain the values of the engine and accessories life expectancy
  • Retain the limit of exhaust emissions based on the European Union valid standards

Services we provide the most

  • Increase power and torque
  • Remove FAP and DPF ( diesel particulate filter )
  • Adblue removal for trucks and tractors
  • Remove speed limiter Vmax
  • Change the rev limiter Nmax
  • Turn off EGR valve
  • Disable catalyst lambda sensor (O2 POST-CAT Sensors)
  • Disable flowmeter (Mass Air Flow Sensors)
  • Exclusion of vortex valves and throttle (Swirl Flap / Inlet Flap)
  • Disable the secondary air system (Secondary Air Injection)
  • Turn off and remove the temperature sensor exhaust ( tert )
  • Exclusion of specific error codes (DTC)
  • Activating the Launch Control of diesel and petrol cars
We can reprogram almost all electronic control units engine as: BOSCH, SIEMENS, MARELLI, DENSO, DELPHI, KEIHIN, MITSUBISHI, TRW and others. This includes cars, motorcycles, buses, trucks, tractors, combines, buses, dumpers, excavators, snowmobiles, scooters, boats, yachts and more.



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