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Renault Megane DPF OFF

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Complete DPF REMOVAL Service for Mazda 5, 6 Specialis

Do you have problem with DPF on your Mazda 5 or 6 ?

* Flashing lights?

* Lack of power?

* Limp mode?

* Have you been told to spend on NEW DPF?

The solution is HERE!!!

We are Mazda 6 specialist offer a complete job while you are waiting.

Full job include:

* Removal of the DPF

* Reprogram your ECU

* Oil and Filter Change as part of the job

* Full diagnostic scan to check if the vechicle is in full working condition and has no faults or error codes.

Benefits of DPF Removal:

- Fuel consumption reduction

- No more trips to the dealer for DPF regeneration

- More power for everyday driving and towing

- Lifetime warranty for DPF removal software


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